Choosing the Best in Modern Nurseries

Modern nurseries have their origins in the Great Potato Famine of the mid-1800s. A small family-owned Nursery was opened in the northeast of Scotland to cater to the growing number of potato plantation owners. The owner, James Balchin, went bankrupt and his partners decided to run the business from their own home, thus the birth of modern nurseries. The first modern nursery was built in Pitfield, Derbyshire, which became the focal point of the country during the Industrial Revolution. Many of the modern Nurseries of today still operate out of this same hometown.

modern nurseries

Modern nurseries these days tend to incorporate the best of both traditional and modern elements. Often modern homes have features like a ‘green’ vegetable garden, which would not have been an option in years gone by. The color scheme is also much more vivid and bright than it was in the past, with yellows and oranges replacing the traditional browns and greys. The plants are also grown in larger quantities, allowing the colors and textures to really pop. Modern nurseries also try to replicate the appearance of old-fashioned greenhouses, with little trees planted amongst the flower beds.

Some modern nurseries will have a decorated accent wall, featuring plants or artwork of some description. The accent wall is a separate structure within the nursery, which is used to display large plants as they are being tended to by professional staff. This allows visitors to pause and admire the work of art on the wall while they wait for a child to be tended to. These features are usually chosen to compliment the color scheme of the entire Nursery. This technique of using contrasting colored flowers or plants to enhance the overall scheme of a room has become very popular and is often used in conjunction with an accent wall, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Another popular feature of modern nurseries these days is a gender neutral nursery, with both male and female children available for viewing. This gives visitors the opportunity to admire both genders and allow them to make a decision as to which they would prefer to raise. This facility is usually offered in conjunction with a gender-neutral play area, which can sometimes even include toys for the baby to interact with while he or she sleeps. The toys can then be passed down between future children as they grow.

One final popular feature of modern nurseries is the use of space-saving design. Many apartments today are one large room, with many windows and doors. This is a big advantage when choosing nursery furniture, as small spaces may limit the amount of furniture a mother or father can purchase for their new born bundle of joy. Nursery designers have often come up with innovative solutions to these problems by creating an apartment therapy area within the nursery, complete with benches, cabinets and storage units, in order to save space when it comes to purchasing additional items.

One of the main concerns that new parents have when it comes to choosing modern nurseries is the quality of the products being offered. Of course, quality products are also more likely to be chosen over poor quality ones, but this does not mean that all products should be created equal. When looking at modern nursery furniture, there are a few features to look for that you should consider. In the first instance, it is important to choose wooden products that are durable. They should also be made from solid wood, rather than engineering or laminated woods, in order to ensure that they are unlikely to warp or crack after many years of use.

As, well as wooden products, a nursery should also have a color scheme that is modern and unique. In the past, bright colors such as neon, bright reds and turquoise were quite popular, but it is now a rare thing to find a baby girl’s nursery that contains one of these colors. Instead, opt for muted colors, including those with a subdued beige tone. As you will no doubt be able to tell from the color scheme above, the type of bedding that is used on the crib should also be chosen carefully.

Some people believe that a modern nursery is not suitable for a baby due to safety reasons. However, using chic apartment therapy products in your nursery will not only make it safer for your baby, but it will also add a certain touch of class to the room that is sure to be loved by all who view it. Some chic options for crib bedding include chic weathered oak crib bedding by IKEA Sniglar, and organic cotton baby furniture from brands such as Mother Nature, which uses rice grown in the regions of the world where organic farming is ideal. As well as this, modern furniture will also help add warmth to your baby’s room, as it will generally be made from warm fabrics such as cotton or wool, which will keep the baby snug and warm in winter.