The 10 Baby Nursery Trends for 2019 you need to know

Are you expecting a baby for 2019? Congratulations!

Or maybe, you already have a baby but are looking to do a little update to your nursery or toddler room. In any case you’re probably browsing the Internet looking for baby trends and nursery décor that are timeless and perfect for your little bundle of joy. And there is so much information our there, it tends to be overwhelming. Here is where we come in. We like to help so we compiled all the very best nursery trends for 2019 for your inspiration.

Less is more.

Source: designstudionu

The minimalism trend has been around since 2018 but is here to stay. Cleaner and simple looks for nurseries and kids room are the way to go. Black and white rooms, monochromatic décor or neutral tones, the trend is to less, less and less: less clutter, less toys, less furniture for more fun and room to play in the kids room. Wooden accessories and simple baby essentials are the only things you need to make your baby nursery chic and cozy. 


Jewel Tones

Source: KristenMcCurdyStudio 

Because they’re rich and warm, jewel tones will bring a modern Bohemian vibe to your baby nursery. No need to go full force with them, a little touch of emerald, sapphire or ruby color is enough to make your baby nursery warm and pretty.

Natural Elements

Source: Pinterest

Whether it is by bringing nature inside the nursery or by adding elements made of natural fibers, this year will be more grounded in nature when it comes to your kids rooms. Seagrass, natural fibers storage bins and hemp fibers are the perfect natural addition to your baby nursery or child’s room.

Modern touch

 Source: Pinterest

A little sleek is always good on the eyes. Furniture and décor are getting simple with modern shapes and acrylic material. Mixed with some more traditional furniture, modern furniture will give a fun twist to your little one room.

Floral wallpapers

 Source: wandering creek

Whether it is a giant peony or smaller vintage ditsy floral print, floral wallpaper and murals are here to say…And we won’t be complaining because aren’t they gorgeous?

Bold Geometric Walls

Source: ChloeFleury Blog


Bold Geographic wall décor are in. And we’ve got the easier way to add these bold elements to your baby nursery: wall decals. Easy to apply and mess-free, some geometric wall stickers will update your baby’s room walls to this new trend.  

Warm Scandinavian Elements

Source:Apartment therapy

Creating a cozy nursery for your baby or room for your child is easy with some Scandinavian inspiration. Get inspired by the concept of Hygge and add some warm items. Gray storage bags, chunky blankets, warm lighting with modern cute designs will give a warm Nordic vibe to your little one’s room.

90% White 10% Color

Source: Amber Interior Desig

Keep it simple and timeless. Keep your baby nursery’s wall plain white and add some pop of colors with bright colors pillows and blankets.

Boho Vibe with a clean twist 

Source: Pinterest

The boho chic vibe is back in your kids rooms but this time with a cleaner twist. Mixed with neutral colors and simple shapes and accessories, boho chic pillow and blankets are in.


Accessories: Tassels and Pompom

 Source: Vida Mamacita


Tassels and Pompoms look good on anything, don’t they? On bags, storage Bins and now, in your baby nursery or toddler room. And the good news, we got you covered for storage bins and here for pillows.